This solution maps XFF header source IP to User-ID allowing for blocking malicious sources when the VM-Series is behind a device that performs source NAT such as a load balancer.


For some cloud use cases, the VM-Series firewalls are behind a device that alters (source NATs) the source IP. The VM-Series has a variety of features that can detect malicious behavior coming from a specific IP and then block traffic for a period of time from that source IP. This does not work if an upstream device SNATs the IP. Many devices including AWS load balancers preserve the original source IP in the X-Forwarded-For (XFF) header. This solution leverages the XFF header in policy for additional protection.

This project demonstrates the Use of HTTP log forwarding and Lambda functions to respond to detected threats. In this case we extract the true source ip of the threat from the XFF header and inject it into the firewalls User-ID database to block traffic from a source IP. This allows us to block traffic based on a soure IP when the firewall is behind an Application loadbalancer that is performing source NAT and X-Forwarded-For header insertion of the original source IP.


This solution is based on the following architecture and native AWS services: alt text


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