Terraform provider for SASE API

Terraform Provider for Palo Alto Networks SASE API

NOTE: Please use the new paloaltonetworks/terraform-provider-scm provider instead.


  • Terraform v1+
  • Go v1.18+ (to build the provider from source)

Building the Provider

  1. Install Go

  2. Clone the SDK repo:

git clone https://github.com/paloaltonetworks/sase-go
  1. Clone this repo:
git clone https://github.com/paloaltonetworks/terraform-provider-sase
  1. Build the provider:
cd terraform-provider-sase
go build
  1. Specify the dev_overrides configuration per the next section below. This tells Terraform where to find the provider you just built. The directory to specify is the full path to the cloned provider repo.

Developing the Provider

With Terraform v1 and later, development overrides for provider developers can be leveraged in order to use the provider built from source.

To do this, populate a Terraform CLI configuration file (~/.terraformrc for all platforms other than Windows; terraform.rc in the %APPDATA% directory when using Windows) with at least the following options:

provider_installation {
  dev_overrides {
    "registry.terraform.io/paloaltonetworks-local/sase" = "/directory/containing/the/provider/binary/here"

  direct {}

Then when referencing the locally built provider, use the local name in the terraform configuration block like so:

terraform {
    required_providers {
        sase = {
            source = "paloaltonetworks-local/sase"
            version = "1.0.0"

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