GitHub action to scan container images with Palo Alto Networks' Prisma Cloud

Prisma Cloud Scan Action

IMPORTANT: Please see for the official support policy for the contents of this repository.

This GitHub Action will scan container images for vulnerabilities and compliance issues using Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks. With it, you can receive immediate feedback about image vulnerabilities and compliance violations both in GitHub and in the Prisma Cloud Console as well as block builds that do not meet your compliance requirements, such as high or critical vulnerabilities.

This action is a wrapper around twistcli which connects to the specified Prisma Cloud Console for vulnerability and compliance policy and metadata.


Example of container image scanning

on: [ push, workflow_dispatch ]

  IMAGE_NAME: ${{ github.repository }}:${{ github.sha }}

    name: Build and scan image
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - name: Check out the repository
        uses: actions/checkout@v2

      - name: Build the image
        run: docker build -t $IMAGE_NAME .

      - name: Prisma Cloud image scan
        id: scan
        uses: PaloAltoNetworks/prisma-cloud-scan@v1.5
          pcc_console_url: ${{ secrets.PCC_CONSOLE_URL }}
          pcc_user: ${{ secrets.PCC_USER }}
          pcc_pass: ${{ secrets.PCC_PASS }}
          image_name: ${{ env.IMAGE_NAME }}

      # (Optional) for compatibility with GitHub's code scanning alerts
      - name: Upload SARIF file
        if: ${{ always() }} # necessary if using failure thresholds in the image scan
        uses: github/codeql-action/upload-sarif@v2
          sarif_file: ${{ steps.scan.outputs.sarif_file }}


Environment variables

Variable Description Required? Default
DOCKER_ADDRESS Address of the Docker daemon (e.g. tcp://localhost:2375) No
DOCKER_HOST Address of the Docker daemon (e.g. tcp://localhost:2375). DOCKER_ADDRESS takes priority. No


Input Description Required? Default
pcc_console_url URL of your Prisma Cloud Compute Console Yes
pcc_user Username of a user with the CI user role Yes
pcc_pass Password of a user with the CI user role Yes
image_name Name (or ID) of the image to be scanned Yes
project Tenant project context for the command No
results_file File to which scan results are written in JSON No pcc_scan_results.json
sarif_file File to which scan results are written in SARIF No pcc_scan_results.sarif.json
docker_address Address of the Docker daemon (e.g. tcp://localhost:2375) No
docker_tlscacert Path to the Docker CA certificate No
docker_tlscert Path to the Docker client certificate No
docker_tlskey Path to the Docker client private key No


Output Description
results_file File to which scan results are written in JSON
sarif_file File to which scan results are written in SARIF

Control alerting and fail thresholds

You can set the level for alerting and failing builds in the Prisma Cloud UI. For example, setting the alert threshold to Medium will not alert for Low severity vulnerabilities.

Results output

The table of discovered vulnerabilities and compliance violations shows up in the GitHub workflow log and in the Prisma Cloud Console in the Monitor section. If you upload the outputted SARIF file to GitHub, you will also populate the code scanning alerts section in your repository. While the code-scan-to-image-scan mapping isn't perfect, it does provide all available information of each vulnerability and compliance issue. The alerts will automatically close once the issues are fixed and the workflow is ran again.

GitHub workflow log

Prisma Cloud Console view

GitHub code scanning alerts


Please read for details on how to get support for this project.

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