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Welcome to the docs project for Prisma Cloud. Docs are a core part of the product and we build them just like we build the software in it - using modern collaboration platforms like GitHub and publishing them through a CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins. As of May 2020, we've open sourced the docs so that anyone can contribute directly to them and see their work quickly go live for the whole community's benefit. This repo is where that happens.


Anyone can contribute the docs with simple pull requests. All PRs are reviewed by product team members for accuracy and consistency and we'll collaborate with you on any questions or suggestions. Because everything happens on GitHub, all your contributions are clearly visible and recognized.


PRs of any size or form are welcome, from simple clarifications of wording to entirely new how-to articles. All content is in the open source AsciiDoctor format, which can be edited right in the GitHub browser IDE or any other text editor of your choice.

The Prisma Cloud product team will continue to author docs for all new features and changes in each release.


We review PRs weekly. If there are no questions or further discussion, you'll see your changes live the next week.


All Prisma Cloud documentation is included in this repo. Because the entire docs source is just text files in GitHub, it's easy to work with the way you want. Official docs are published here:


The best docs are written by people that really use and understand the technology. While we on the product team are still intimately involved in creating and maintaining the docs, we know that everyone will benefit from the experiences and knowledge of the overall community.


  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Make your changes directly in the GitHub UI, or with your editor of choice and the git command line tool.
  3. Submit your changes back to the repo as a pull request (PR).

Note - If you are a Palo Alto Networks employee and wants to assign reviewers to your PRs, please open an IT Service Request to add your GH ID to the org. From there, reach out to Prisma Cloud TechDocs, and we can add you to our repo.


Each guide has its own dedicated directory. For example, the Administrator's Guide can be found in the top level admin_guide/ dir.

Each guide has a topic map, named book.yml, written in YAML format. Topic maps reference all the individual source files that make up a document. They're also used to generate a document's navigation menu.

Source files are written in AsciiDoctor and have the .adoc extension. Each source file holds one "article", which is rendered as a single page on the doc site.

Source for the Administrator's Guide uses conditional content to target either Compute Edition (self-hosted) or Enterprise Edition (SaaS). Content that only applies to one or the other is fenced with AsciiDoctor's ifdef and endif directives.

For Compute Edition-specific content:

Download and run Console in your own environment.

For Enterprise Edition-specific content:

Palo Alto Networks runs Console for you.

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