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Prisma Cloud Compute Sample Code

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The new home for Twistlock Sample Code!

This repository has code samples that focus on automation and enhancing usability. If you have something that fits in and you think may be useful to others, we encourage you to contribute!

A few of our projects have outgrown a repository for "sample code", so please check out their dedicated repositories below.

Active projects in other repositories

  • GitHub Action - Scan images as they're built in your GitHub workflow and display results directly in your repository.
  • Operator - Automatically deploy and set up Console and Defenders in any Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster.
  • Splunk app for incidents and forensics - Fetch runtime incidents and their forensic data and display the information in a Splunk dashboard.
  • Terraform provider - Fit the management of collections, policies, and more into your GitOps workflows.


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