Prisma Cloud alert csv output plus tags and account group names

Prisma Cloud alert csv export with tags and account group names

Version: 1.0 Author: Eddie Beuerlein


This script will create a csv file that contains all the data from the alert CSV export in the UI in addition to tag and account groups per alert id.

Requirements and Dependencies

  1. Python 3.7 or newer

  2. OpenSSL 1.0.2 or newer

(if using on Mac OS, additional items may be nessessary.)

  1. Pip

sudo easy_install pip

  1. Requests (Python library)

sudo pip install requests

  1. YAML (Python library)

sudo pip install pyyaml


  1. Navigate to alert_tags_acctgrp/config/configs.yml

  2. Fill out your Prisma Cloud access key, secret, and customer name - if you are the only customer in your account then leave this blank.

  3. API base - only need to adjust this if you are on a different stack (app=api, app2=api2, app3=api3, etc.)

  4. You can also set the time range for the data that is pulled by setting the following(in runner.py at the top):

    'timerange_unit': 'month', # day, week, month, hour
    'timerange_amount': 1


python runner.py

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