Postman collections for Prisma Cloud


The following paragraphs detail how to setup the manually maintained Postman Collections and required Environment Variables for Prisma Cloud API requests.

Setup steps

  • Set the Postman Environment variables. You will need to set:
    • api-endpoint
    • compute-api-endpoint
    • aporeto-api-endpoint
    • namespace




  • Populate the compute-api-endpoint environment variable.
    • Go to Compute > Manage > System > Utilities, and copy the string under Path to Console
    • The URL will look something like: https://us-east1.cloud.twistlock.com/us-1-123456789
  • Populate the aporeto-api-endpoint environment variable.
  • A sample populated Environment before generating any JWT tokens might look like as follows:
Postman Variable Use Value/Example
api-endpoint Main API endpoint for Prisma Cloud requests api.prismacloud.io
token JWT token auto-generated after the /login request
compute-api-endpoint API endpoint for all things within the Compute tab https://us-east1.cloud.twistlock.com/us-1-123456789
compute-token JWT token auto-generated after the Compute /authenticate request
api-version Used only for the Compute collection for future API versions v1
console-port Used only for self-hosted versions of the Compute Console
aporeto-api-endpoint API endpoint for all things within the Microsegmentation tab https://api.east-01.network.prismacloud.io
aporeto-token JWT token auto-generated after the Microsegmentation /issue request
namespace The namespace on CNS where you will be operating /8598895/my-cloud-account/Application

Advanced Postman scenarios using Collection Runner

In the Collection_Runner folder, there are specific examples for use-cases where using Postman's Collection Runner makes sense. These runners provide an easy way to iterate through files and perform bulk API calls. More instructions can be found in in the README within this folder.

That's it!

The Collections are not fully complete, so if you find a request that hasn't been created (or needs to be updated) please feel free to submit a PR.


Accessing Multiple Tenants

You can easily switch between Prisma Cloud Tenants by creating multiple Environments. To do this just import the Prisma Cloud.postman_environment.json file again and set the new api endpoints and credentials. Be sure to change the environment name so you can tell your environments apart!

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