Generates alert report via email - reporting on top risks in last 24 hrs, top high risks and all risks, then breakdown by account. Also top 5 policies by count.

#Prisma Cloud Alert report email

Version: 1.0 Author: Eddie Beuerlein


Script pulls tenant and account level details on new and high risk counts for alerts, as well as top 5 policies in violation (including count) and sends in email report.

Requirements and Dependencies

  1. Python 3.7 or newer

  2. OpenSSL 1.0.2 or newer

(if using on Mac OS, additional items may be nessessary.)

  1. Pip

sudo easy_install pip

  1. Requests (Python library)

sudo pip install requests

  1. YAML (Python library)

sudo pip install pyyaml

  1. Email (Python library) sudo pip install email.mime sudo pip install smtplib


  1. Navigate to config/configs.yml

  2. Fill out your Prisma Cloud access key/secret, and stack info. To determine stack, look at your browser when access console (appX.prismacloud.io, where X is the stack number. Change this to apiX.prismacloud.io and populate it in the configs.yml.

  3. Navigate to *lib/email_helper.py:

  • Set from address: self.from_address = "XXXX@gmail.com"
  • Set mail server: self.email_srv = "smtp.gmail.com"
  • Set mail server port: self.email_srv_port = "587"
  • Set mail login usernname: self.username = "XXXXXXX@gmail.com"
  • Set mail login password: self.password = "XYZABC123"


python runner.py

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