Version: 1.0 Author: Marc Hobson and Eddie Beuerlein


This script will take GCP labels from running the RQL against 'gcloud-compute-project-info', match it against the list of keys in the config yaml and will take the value and create/update account groups based on the key/value pair. It will then add any clound account/project that has that key/value pair to the account group. This will allow you to run custom alert report, compliance report and alert rules based on these dyanmic account groups based on GCP labels.

Requirements and Dependencies

  1. Python 3.7 or newer

  2. OpenSSL 1.0.2 or newer

(if using on Mac OS, additional items may be nessessary.)

  1. Pip

sudo easy_install pip

  1. Requests (Python library)

sudo pip install requests

  1. YAML (Python library)

sudo pip install pyyaml


  1. Navigate to config/configs.yml

  2. Fill out your Prisma Cloud access key/secret, and stack info. To determine stack, look at your browser when access console (appX.prismacloud.io, where X is the stack number. Change this to apiX.prismacloud.io and populate it in the configs.yml.

  3. Pick the keys from the labels area of gcloud-compute-project-info


python main.py

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