Ansible roles and libraries for working with PAN-OS, Panorama, and Pan-Validation Skillets

PANW-GSE Skillets

A couple of Ansible modules to execute PAN-OS, Panorama, or Pan-Validation Skillets. For more information, see

Project Status

Warning! This project is not-yet released and is under heavy development!


The recommended way to install the modules is (will soon be...) installing the panw-gse.Skillets Ansible Galaxy role:

$ ansible-galaxy install panw-gse.skillets


This module has not yet been pushed into Ansible galaxy as it is still in heavy development!

Sample playbooks

- name: test my new module
  hosts: localhost

  - role: panw-gse.skillets

  - name: Execute Simple Skillet
      skillet_path: '.'
      skillet: 'example_set_skillet'
      provider: '{{ provider }}'
        hostname: 'test_hostname'
        firewall_env: 'my_laptop'
    register: skillet_outpput

  - name: dump skillet output
      msg: '{{ skillet_output }}'

  - name: Commit config
      provider: '{{ provider }}'

Basic Usage

execute_skillet is the primary function to execute a skillet. The arguments are:

  • skillet_path: directory in which to recursively search for skillets. This can be the root of a cloned git repository for example

  • skillet: This is the name of the skillet as defined by the name attribute in the .meta-cnc skillet definition

  • provider: This is a provider dict similar to the standard PAN-OS modules. Expected keys are: 'ip_address', 'username', 'password'.

  • vars: This is where you will customize the skillet variables. Any item present in this list will set the value of a variable defined in the .meta-cnc skillet definition file. Any variable not defined here will use the default value from the skillet.


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