A collection of pre-installed tools commonly used with Palo Alto Networks products packaged as a Docker container

PAN Tools Dockerfile

This Dockerfile installs:

* Ubuntu Bionic 18.04
* Python 3.7.4
* Python 2.7.16
* Ansible 2.8.5
* Terraform 0.12.9
* Azure CLI
* Microsoft PowerShell 6.1.3 with Azure module
* Google SDK 263.0.0
* PAN Configurator

 and many other useful networking tools.


Download the pre-built image from Docker Hub with:

docker pull paloaltonetworks/pantools
docker tag paloaltonetworks/pantools pantools


Build from sources with:

docker build -t pantools .


Run with:

docker run -it pantools

or Mount Present Working Directory to /pwd and Run with:

Mac/Linux: docker run -it -v "$PWD:/pwd" pantools
Windows: docker run -it -v %cd%:/pwd pantools

Within the container you can switch Python versions:

pyenv global 3.7.4
pyenv global 2.7.16

This can also run as a SSHD service by uncommenting out lines in the Dockerfile, rebuilding then running with:

docker-compose up -d


Feel free to open issues, offer feedback, and send Pull Requests to our Github repository where this code is hosted.


This software is provided without support, warranty, or guarantee. Use at your own risk.

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