A Utility to bootstrap a new PAN-OS NGFW. This utility provides an API only. An example web interface is provided here:

PAN-OS Bootstrapper

PAN-OS bootstrapper is a tool to quickly build all required files to bootstrap a Pala Alto Networks device. This usually requires a customized bootstrap.xml, init-cfg.txt, and a license file. The output will be an archive package, either ISO or ZIP, with all required files fully compiled from the supplied templates and input variables.

This utility provides an API only. An example web interface is provided here: An example web application that consumes this service can be here.

For details about the bootstrapping process, refer to the official documentation.

The bootstrap package format is documented here

Getting started

A prebuilt docker container can be found here:

docker search nembery/panos_bootstrapper

Most users will want to use the example pre-built Automatio UI.

To start the service manually, issue the following commands:

export FLASK_APP=./bootstrapper/
flask run --host= --port=5002

Examples and documentation

The API is documented using the OpenAPI specification. The API documentation can be found by browsing to the IP address and Port specified above.

Additional examples can be found in the and documents in the 'docs' folder.


Each template can be fully customized using the jinja2 templating language. All template amd input validation is done dynamically to make creating and using customized templates as easy as possible.

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