Test Output Results Toolkit

This utility is provided to enable Systems Engineers to load hashes from failed Ixia and/or Spirent security tests. It will then process the hashes against the Palo Alto Networks Threat Intelligence Cloud to determine the reason why the hash was not found/blocked/inidcated in the passing results.

It interfaces with both Autofocus (pull) and ELK (optional push) API interfaces.

How to run TORT

The only supported way to run TORT is to run the docker container:

docker run -p 8088:80 paloaltonetworks/pan-tort:latest

Once the container is up and running - point your browser to http://localhost:8088

Login is paloalto/tort

NOTE: This does not support pushing the results to ELK - yet

Advanced TORT - pushing to ELK

To push the results to your ELK instance, you must have a .panrc in your home directory with the following entries (at minimum)

ELASTICSEARCH_HOST = "<ip of elasticsearch host>"
ELASTICSEARCH_PORT = "<port - default es install port is 9200>"

Optionally you can also add your API key to the .panrc as well:

AUTOFOCUS_API_KEY = "<api_key>"

Once you have that in place you can start the container by mounting the .panrc inside the container

docker run -p 8088:80 -v ~/.panrc:/.panrc paloaltonetworks/pan-tort:latest

If you added the AF API key, you don't have to type it in anymore. :)

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