A lightweight utility to tag Sanctioned applications on Palo Alto Networks Firewalls.


SaaS-CLI is a utility that interacts with a Palo Alto Networks Firewall to pull the SaaS Application Usage Report and outputs all the discovered SaaS applications which you can then review and tag them as Sanctioned if applicable.

Files contained in this folder:

  • cmd - Contains the application entry point code
  • pkg - Contains multiple packages used by the application (The secret package is not included in this repository for security reasons).
  • saascli-linux - Executable for Linux systems
  • saascli-windows - Executable for Windows systems

Download and Installation

  • For Windows users download the "saascli-windows" executable and rename it by adding a ".exe" extension
  • For Linux users download the "saascli-linux" executable
  • Windows run "saas-cli-windows.exe"
  • Linux run "./saas-cli-linux"
  • For Linux users you might have to give the application executable rights
  • Run saas-cli-your_operating_system -h to list all the supported commands

Optional - Encryption/Decryption Key Details

The executable is packaged with a 32-byte array used to encrypt and decrypt the API key. If you want to change this key and recompile the executable use the following steps. *Install Go (if you don't have it already)

  • Clone the repository
  • Create a secret folder under pkg
  • Create a secret.go file inside the secret folder
  • Create a function that returns a 32-byte array. Example below:
package secret

// Secret: returns a 32 byte array used as the encryption and decryption key. This can be any 32byte array.
func Secret() []byte {
    return []byte("thisshouldbeany32bytearrayyoudig") // CHANGE THIS VALUE TO YOUR OWN VALUE
  • Build the executable
env GOOS=target-OS GOARCH=target-architecture go build package-import-path

Example: Linux OS on amd64 Platform

env GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build -o saascli-linux cmd/saascli.go

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