Flexible Cloud Automation


PAN-OS Flexible Cloud Automation


pan-fca, stands for PAN-OS Flexible Cloud Automation. It is an initiative to provide a continuously evolving framework for multi-cloud deployments and configuration.

Flexible Cloud Automation - Problem oriented Features

  • Handle cloud deployment, configuration and testing* (BUILD)
  • Available for public and private clouds and expendable to appliances
  • Modular: greenfield/brownfield, multiple licensing options, services multiple deployment scenarios, and a variety of 3rd parties (Load-Balancers, …), …
  • Long-lasting and multi-version
  • Easy to use

*: roadmap


We're curently developing the second version of the PAN-OS Flexible Cloud Automation Framework. Code name: Mark-II

pan-fca Mark-II is built out of 4 foundational modules, and currently supports 3 cloud platforms


The initial proposed workflow:

Docker Instructions

Docker instructions can be found here.

Data Model

The data model is be found here.


User and Developer Guide can be found here.

Lab Guide

Here can the Lab Guide be found for the FCA Framework. This guide has a Lab in it for AWS and Azure here.

License and Support Policy

This framework is licensed under the APACHE-2.0 license and is community supported. The license can be found here. The support policy can be found here.

Developer Sites


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