Upgrade all NSX-based VM-1000-HV firewalls to the same version

NSX Version Matcher for Palo Alto Networks NGFW


This script automatically upgrades any firewalls in an NSX environment so that all firewalls on all ESX hosts have the same PAN-OS version. It can be run as a cron job or using VMware Orchestrator tools like VRA or VRO to trigger on new host addition.

The script automatically determines which Panorama device-group contains the NSX firewalls, and which version of PAN-OS they should be running. The target version of PAN-OS for all upgrades is the version that more than 50% of the NSX firewalls are running. All intermediate upgrades to get to the target version and all reboots after upgrades are handled automatically. Firewalls are never downgraded by this script, only upgraded.


Brian Torres-Gil


Two python libraries are required:

pan-python - https://github.com/ksteves/pan-python

pandevice - https://github.com/PaloAltoNetworks-BD/pandevice

Install Dependencies

This install process will be easier in the future.


# if you don't have pip (most OSX users), install it first:
easy_install pip

# then install the pan-python library:
pip install pan-python==0.7.0


# if using git:
git clone https://github.com/PaloAltoNetworks-BD/pandevice.git
cd pandevice

# if not using git:
wget -O pandevice.zip https://github.com/PaloAltoNetworks-BD/pandevice/archive/master.zip
unzip pandevice.zip
cd pandevice-master

# after downloading the library, install it:
python setup.py install

Download This Script

# if using git:
git clone https://github.com/PaloAltoNetworks-BD/nsx-ngfw-version-match.git
cd nsx-ngfw-version-match

# if not using git:
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PaloAltoNetworks-BD/nsx-ngfw-version-match/master/nsx-ngfw-version-match.py


Before running the script, edit it and set the variables in the section called "Modify these settings". This includes your Panorama login settings and logging and error settings.

The script is self-contained, so simply run it from the command line or from a cron job or orchestration tool. If all NSX firewalls are running the same version, the script will do nothing and exit, so it is safe to run it repeatedly.

Run the script:

python nsx-ngfw-version-match.py


A note about security: This script contains your Panorama credentials, so it is recommended to have the script owned by a specific user with limited access, and remove all permissions including read permissions for other users.

For example:

chown limiteduser:limitedgroup nsx-ngfw-version-match.py
chmod go-rwx nsx-ngfw-version-match.py

Non-NSX environments

This script is exclusive to NSX environments, but the same libraries (pan-python and pandevice) can be used to upgrade a single firewall in a non-NSX environment. The script for this is available in the pandevice library:


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