Go library to perform CRUD operations on an Elemental model with multiple backend implementations


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Note: this readme is a work in progress

Package manipulate provides everything needed to perform CRUD operations on an elemental based data model.

The main interface is Manipulator. This interface provides various methods for creation, modification, retrieval and so on.

A Manipulator works with elemental.Identifiable.

The storage engine used by a Manipulator is abstracted. By default manipulate provides implementations for Mongo, ReST HTTP 1and a Memory backed datastore. You can of course implement Your own storage implementation.

There is also a mocking package called maniptest to make it easy to mock any manipulator implementation for unit testing.

Each method of a Manipulator is taking a manipulate.Context as argument. The context is used to pass additional informations like a Filter, or some Parameters.

Example for creating an object

// Create a User from a generated Elemental model.
user := models.NewUser() // always use the initializer to get various default value correctly set.
user.FullName := "Antoine Mercadal"
user.Login := "primalmotion"

// Create Mongo Manipulator.
m := manipmongo.New("", "test")

// Then create the User.
m.Create(nil, user)

Example for retreving an object

// Create a Context with a filter.
ctx := manipulate.NewContextWithFilter(elemental.NewFilterComposer().

// Retrieve the users matching the filter.
var users models.UserLists
m.RetrieveMany(ctx, &users)

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