Prerequisites Lab for Palo Alto Networks Professional Service Public Cloud Workshop

1. Palo Alto Networks VM-Series on Microsoft Azure

1.1. Overview

This lab will involve deploying a solution for Azure using Palo Alto Networks VM-Series in a Azure Load Balancer topology.

The lab assumes the following a Requirement:

  • Existing and Active Microsoft Azure Subscription
  • If you don't have a Azure Subscription visit please and create one
  • VM-Series Firewalls uses in that lab a PAYG License. You can use a Lab License if you one

The Lab Instructions can be found HERE.

Lab Guide Last Updated: 2022-10-19
Lab Last Tested: 2022-05-31

1.2. Deploy Azure Environment

Deploy 2xVM-Series firewall with 2 Spoke VNETs. Includes Public and Internal Load Balancer

1.3. Deploy WebApp

In this part, We will Deploy a single Linux Server in a dedicated Resource Group

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