Kafka exporter based on events exporter code

Kafka Exporter


This repository contains the first steps of the Kafka exporter

How to build

To adapt this code to your liking then

DOCKER_REGISTRY=<your.registry/your_organisation> PROJECT_VERSION=1.0.0 make

This will:

  • build and push a docker images as your.registry/your_organisation/kafka-exporter:1.0.0
  • build the Helm charts locally

How to deploy

First you need to enable the push of external events to Nats on the targetted setup.

Activate your voila environment then

# Enable the external events
set_value global.externalEventsEnabled true override
# Apply the configuration

Then push the Helm charts to your Helm repository then:

# add you repository
helm repo add kafka-exporter <your_helm_repository_url>
# deploy
VOILA_HELM_REPO=kafka-exporter deploy i kafka-exporter

To update:

# add you repository
helm repo add kafka-exporter <your_helm_repository_url>
# update
VOILA_HELM_REPO=kafka-exporter deploy u kafka-exporter

To uninstall just type deploy d kafka-exporter

Note: you must deploy the kafka-exporter using the voila environement as explained above because it requires access to some secrets to be able to connect to Nats. If the docker image of the kafka-exporter is not hosted on the same registry where the contron plane docker images are hosted, add an option as below during install or update:

# use another docker registry
VOILA_HELM_REPO=kafka-exporter deploy i kafka-exporter --set global.imageRegistry=<your.registry/your_organisation>

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