Issue tracking for the Palo Alto Networks Cisco ACI Device Package


The Cisco ACI device package is TAC supported, so issue tracking has moved to TAC. This tracker is now archived.

Palo Alto Networks Device Package Issue Tracking

This repository is used for public issue tracking for the Palo Alto Networks Cisco ACI Device Package. There is no device-package code contained in this repository, only issue tracking.

In an effort to encourage transparency and empower customers, this public issue tracking system is provided to allow reference to all known issues in publicly released device package versions and any workarounds or fixes for those issues.

Device Package users can open issues here which go directly to the device package developers at Palo Alto Networks for immediate troubleshooting and resolution. If you get an error message or fault, check here to see if it's already known and the version where it is fixed. If there is no existing issue for the problem you're seeing, you can open a discussion at or open an issue here.

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