Proxy application for ingesting into Azure sentinel from Cortex Data Lake

Proxy template to decompress data from CDL for ingestion into Azure Sentinel

Deploy a Python (Flask) web app to Azure App Service - Sample Application

This is the sample Flask application for the Azure Quickstart Deploy a Python (Django or Flask) web app to Azure App Service. For instructions on how to create the Azure resources and deploy the application to Azure, refer to the Quickstart article.

A Django sample application is also available for the article at

If you need an Azure account, you can create one for free.


Configure the following variables (Store the secrets in Key vault or directly pass the values) for Azure Sentinel interaction after navigating to application settings (Web app -> Configuration -> Application Settings),

Value: @Microsoft.KeyVault(SecretUri=)

Value: @Microsoft.KeyVault(SecretUri=)

Key vault settings:

Deploying through Visual Studio Code:

  1. Install Visual Studio Code Version >= 1.64.1
  2. Install Extensions Azure Tools, Azure App Service in Visual Studio Code
  3. git clone
  4. Open the folder cdl-decompress-proxy-sentinel-ingest in Visual Studio Code
  5. Click the Azure Icon, Sign Into Azure -> Create new Web App
  6. Right Click the Web App created and chose Deploy to Web App

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