Templates and such for VM-Series' PAN-OS 8.1 (aka Budapest) beta in public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)


Templates and such for beta version of VM-Series' PAN-OS 8.1 (aka Budapest) in public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

You can post questions (see Support Policy below) related to the templates themselves in this forum. All questions/issues on the products themselves (i.e. VM-Series or PAN-OS) must be posted in the Budapest beta forums

Support Policy: Community Supported

This template is released under an as-is, best effort, support policy. These scripts should be seen as community supported and Palo Alto Networks will contribute our expertise as and when possible. We do not provide technical support or help in using or troubleshooting the components of the project through our normal support options such as Palo Alto Networks support teams, or ASC (Authorized Support Centers) partners and backline support options. The underlying product used (the VM-Series firewall) by the scripts or templates are still supported, but the support is only for the product functionality and not for help in deploying or using the template or script itself. Unless explicitly tagged, all projects or work posted in our GitHub repository (at or sites other than our official Downloads page on are provided under the best effort policy.

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