Go library to build an API server based on an Elemental model


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Note: this is a work in progress.

Bahamut is a Go library that provides everything you need to set up a full blown API server based on an Elemental model generated from a Regolithe Specification.

The main concept of Bahamut is to only write core business logic, and letting it handle all the boring bookkeeping. You can implement various Processors interfaces, and register them when you start a Bahamut Server.

A Bahamut Server is not directly responsible for storing an retrieving data from a database. To do so, you can use any backend library you like in your processors, but we recommend using Manipulate, which provides a common interface for manipulating an Elemental model and multiple implementations for MongoDB (manipmongo), MemDB (manipmemory) or can be used to issue ReST calls using maniphttp.

It is usually used by clients to interact with the API of a Bahamut service, but also used for Bahamut Services to talk together.

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