This template was created to support the deployment of a 3 interface Palo Alto Networks firewall into an existing Microsoft Azure environment that has the following items already deployed:

                -Load Balancer - If being used
                -Availability Set for the Firewall
                -VNET - with subnets
                -Storage Account for the firewall VHD
                -Resource Group for Firewall


  • Bootstrapping is used to put an initial configuration and license on the firewall.
  • The firewall deploys with 3 interfaces. 1 MGMT and 2 data plane into an existing environment.
  • It is possible to choose the version of software the firewall is running. 7.1 or 8.0 (Latest)
  • The deployment SKU can also be choosen during deployment. BYOL, Bundle1 or Bundle2 are the available options.
  • Static IP addresses assignment is used for all the firewall interfaces.

The following Storage Account types are supported:


The following VMs are supported:



  • Make sure the VMs are supported in the specific Storage Account Type and Azure Region.
  • Make sure that the storage type (Premium vs Standard) on the page blob is supported by the firewall

After deploying, this firewall can be intetgrated into a load balancer setup via the Azure Portal.

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