Transit Gateway Deployment for North/South and East/West Inspection

This terraform template and guide will explain how to deploy an AWS Transit Gateway with the VM-Series Firewall on AWS, automate the connection to Panorama, and automatically obtain a BYOL license with an auth code. A Transit Gateway uses a hub and spoke architecture that allows security teams to centralize secure connectivity for VPC-to-VPC, VPC to corporate and VPC to the internet communications. will deploy a complete Transit Gateway(TGW) solution with Palo Alto Networks VM-Series The follow diagram shows what will be deployed:


This is a quick overview of what components are deployed

1.  Security VPC that includes 2 firewalls in seperate AZs.
2.  The template will create 2 S3 buckets used for bootstrapping the firewall configuration. Do not create the S3 buckets manually.
3.  Two Spoke VPCs.  Each with two subnets and 1 ubuntu server deployed in it.
4.  TGW with attachments and routing to support N/S and E/W traffic through the firewalls.


1. There are some things that should be changed in the file.  They are labeled at the top of the file.
2. This assumes that the AWS CLI is installed on the machine doing the deploymnet
3. Here is a link to setting up a creds file to access AWS:
4. After deployment the firewall username and password are:
        Username: admin
        Password: Pal0Alt0@123

This is a screenshot of the output once the deployment has completed that shows how to connect to the various components:


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