Script to read learned Cisco APIC EPG Endpoints and update PANW dynamic address groups.


This example code may be used capture select ACI EPG learned Endpoints and populate PANW Dynamic Address Groups. The script assumes the following information is defined:

  • Tenant that the EPG's reside in.
  • EPG Name.
  • Firewall VSYS that the DAG should be placed in.


pan.xapi, acitoolkit

How it works:

The script checks the presence of the appropriate DAGs and creates or removes them as needed. The PANW DAGs are in the format "tenant--EPG" in the defined PANW vsys. An API call is made to the APIC that extracts the Learned Enpoint information and checks to see if the firewall has correct entries. If additions or deletions are needed the script creates an API call to make the appropriate changes. A firewall commit is not required unless Address Objects need to be added or removed.

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